Dear Ladies of Palmetto Presbytery,

The purpose of your PresWM is to serve and connect all of our local women’s ministries and extend God’s kingdom by organizing events, sharing PCA resources, and praying for women’s ministries in local presbytery churches. The Leadership Team continues to work with our churches to encourage, equip and edify the women of our Presbytery.

Our normal pre-pandemic routine never returned. Sadly, there was no Spring Meeting due to a lack of registrations from ladies in the Presbytery and there was no Fall Retreat in 2022. The Leadership Team has been in a season of prayer waiting on God to reveal his will for this Presbytery women’s ministry.  The good news is that God has called two ladies to join the PresWM Leadership Team. As two ladies have rotated off the Leadership Team in December 2022 and one more will be leaving in 2023. God is providing exactly what is needed in his perfect timing.

More good news!  There will be a Spring Gathering for all the women in our Presbytery
on March 11, 2023 at Lexington Presbyterian Church.

We need your help to improve communications by ensuring at least one woman in your church can be a contact with us. Our email: or the web site:

Please pray for the women in our churches and for the PresWM Leadership Team. Leadership Team Members: Phyllis Conrad (Grace Point-rotating off 3/11/23)), Kelly Lewis (Lexington), Karen Pope (Lebanon-being installed 3/11/23), Lauren Dillard (New Covenant Aiken-being installed 3/11/23)

In conclusion, God has been challenging us to rely totally on him as we prayerfully seek his will for the women of Palmetto Presbytery. Please help us by letting the women in your church know that we still need women with a heart for women’s ministry to serve with us.

In Christ,
Phyllis Conrad, President